Friday, September 21, 2012

Harry Potter Read Along - Let the journey begin

I came across this awesome blog earlier this week and after reading some back posts and so forth I became excited to join the Harry Potter Read Along. I have not read these books in forever. Well, basically since each one was released and I read each one that same day.

I have been struggling like mad lately to get immersed in a book. I keep picking up books here and there and just am not able to focus long enough to read. Today I had a bit of downtime while internet was down in my school and started to read the first book. I was hooked all over again. I will be documenting my reading journey on this blog.

If you want please join me in my rereading experience. My plan is to finish book 1 by the end of next week. So find your copy of the first book in this awesome series and join me.

Feel free to send me a tweet @coffeechugbooks (follow the chat at #HPreadalong) or email me or leave a comment.

Check out the cool blog. I hope to add some pins to Pinterest and maybe even build a Lego or two.

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