Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My First Presentation About Going Global in the Classroom - Your Help Is Needed

Coming up in just a few short weeks I will be conducting my very first presentation at a conference. I don't normally get nervous about these types of things, but I am nervous for this. I am nervous because I don't want to suck.

My whole topic discussion is about breaking down your classroom walls to expand your classroom globally. This topic is challenging because I don't know the experience level of my audience. So I have plans to gain their level of comfort and adapt on the fly.

I am presenting at a Talented and Gifted conference

Here is my presentation description for the conference 
Going Global

This presentation will cover my experiences with taking down the walls of my classroom and expanding globally to bring the educational experience of my students to the real world. This presentation will discuss how I started small and progressed to some amazing projects. I will share various resources and some projects to get started with going global.

Basically, I don't want to just stand in front and talk the whole time and show some slides. I am trying to be more engaging. 

My thoughts so far are this
1. Handout - business card or something more clever with a link to a wiki full of resources(what I am currently working on)
2. Twitter Hashtag for people to connect with my audience online during presentation
3. Intro myself
4. Gain a sense of comfort of audience with connecting globally and adapting presentation based on needs
5. Throughout presentation I would like to have some educators join me via Skype or Google Hangout and share a few things they have learned and possibly even a class join for a short Mystery Skype session to give the audience a live example.
6. Q and A

I don't want to just talk. I want an engaging session of conversation and dialogue to make it more meaningful.

I have some possible connections with bringing in some classes and teachers via Skype to make it real time and meaningful. If you are an educator and would like to jump into the conversation about the importance of going global please let me know.

Actually, I just thought of this - if you and your class can make a short little video clip about the impact of global connections and share it with me I can create a little montage of footage to show during the presentation.

I want my presentation to be meaningful. I want the audience to walk away motivated and excited. Being the last time slot of a two day conference makes this tough. However, I can leave a lasting impression.

Last, I am working on a wiki that will act as my electronic handout. At this point I am working on filling this wiki with resources, projects, information, etc. to give my audience and anyone who checks it out a starting point. Please consider joining the wiki, adding whatever you can provide, and leave your name to get credit. Thank you in advance.

UPDATE - Here is a link to the wiki -

Back to research! If you have anything to add or suggestions please let me know.

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