Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Starting Fresh To Tackle New Journeys - Parallels with Warcraft

Anyone that knows me understands my love for all things nerdy. I have become obsessed with World of Warcraft as of late with the new release of the updates. This is a game that I have played with my son and it has helped with both getting homework done and also as a way for us to bond a bit more. I push him to play sports and such, but what he loves best are the same nerdy things that I love and I have to remember that it is okay.

The point of this post is not to talk about how awesome World of Warcraft is(and the new update). The point of this post is to talk about taking a step back in life, relaxing a bit, and finding out where exactly we are.

I don't know where I am in exactly in the game of life. I do know that I am blessed to be surrounded with an amazing family(and wife who tolerates me), a great job, a great community of friends, and good health. I have worked on this journey to get to this plate. The reason I am here is that my hard work has paid off. I have had to take risks, but without a little risk taking you never know what you can achieve.

In World of Warcraft I started a new character and began from scratch just as I was learning how to really play the game. I created Sensei Wu this morning

Sensei Wu

Now you might be asking yourself, "What is he talking about?"

In creating this new character many things came to light for me. About a year ago I ventured down a new journey quest to complete a triathlon. 9 months later I not only accomplished this, but knocked out two 70.3 mile courses. This was huge for me and even more important I learned more about myself, my thresholds, and more importantly how much more I don't really know about my body, my mind, and my capabilities. My strengths helped me to finish and my weaknesses hindered me from achieving certain goals of mine. This journey was long, but amazing. However, a journey cannot last forever and about a month ago I ended the quest. It was time to call it and be done.

With the end of this journey I took time to contemplate what I had learned and what I still need to learn. With much reflection and rest I have decided to embark on another journey. This journey will take me farther down the triathlon road to a full Ironman of 140.6 miles. This journey will allow me to take what I learned from the previous journey and to figure out how to improve my weaknesses during this journey. Much like Sensei Wu(my panda monk above) in World of Warcraft. I will take what I learned from my first character and try to figure out more with the new one.

Sometimes taking a break is good. It is needed. I have beaten myself up over this every single day. However, without this rest I would not be motivated like I am. I would not have pursued some big teaching goals and projects this year(Big ideas will be shared soon). I have put myself in a good place by resting.

I am ready

Sensei Wu is ready

As many of you reflect on a great racing season be sure to take away the good, remember the bad, rest, and prepare to embark on another journey of your own. I look forward to joining up with many of you this fall and winter to help push ourselves to new levels. Sometimes you need to be solo, but working as a team is critical to success. Congrats to everyone on the marathon and PR's. Our group who has ran and trained together all year off and on knocked it out of the park. Every single person improved and that is AWESOMESAUCE! It is seeing how amazing everyone was Sunday that has light my fire to start things up Monday. I hated not being part of that celebration, but I know in the long run it was best. Thank you to all of you 6B46 and LIVE UNCOMMON peeps for igniting my motivation to get back on the roads and water. I look forward to my final days of rest and kicking back in gear soon. You were all just what I needed.

In the meantime I will power up Sensei Wu and see where his journey goes.....

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