Monday, September 24, 2012

Where Have I Been? What Is Going On?

I have been absent from this blog for quite some time now. I have been trying out some new things online and trying to figure out what is best. As I continue to explore some new options I have decided to stick with what I know and what I know is very little.

I created a new blog in which I was focusing on all things strictly educational. However, there is always that fine line between what is educational vs. real life vs. entertainment. I kept writing blog posts and having to decide do I post here or on the education site? Today I decided to just import all the posts from the education blog and go back to one blog for all things in my life. This is going to make my life much easier.

In doing this little experiment I decided to bring back Nerd Factory. These are the stupid nerdy videos I made about 2-3 years ago for students at BMS. Many homerooms would watch them for something to do and it was a great way to connect with a lot of kids quickly. I have not made videos in forever and will be bringing this back simply because I am full of nerdy ideas. I watched a few from years past and I forgot about some of these classic clips.

Even more important is where I have been with my training? I did not run the QC Marathon. I will be honest in that it made me feel like a lard for not running. However, I am mentally drained from training. I am not going to lie about this at all. I completed the half Ironman distance triathlon on August 19th and have ran just a few times since then. I have done zero exercises. Some of this due to simply not wanting to. Some of this due to the school year starting and being so busy that I don't see my wife and kids together until the weekends. Some of this pursuing some other goals.

I have not missed getting up early and training. I have not missed long training sessions. I have not missed going to bed at 8:30 instead of staying up to read books and play video games.

I HAVE missed feeling good about myself. I HAVE missed being in great shape. I HAVE missed how great you feel when you eat properly and stay fit(I feel like crap most days). I HAVE missed meeting up with great people and making myself a better person by being in their presence.

I had to step away. Mentally I just was not enjoying doing any of the training. This was  bummer because I was in shape to shatter my marathon time from last year. I was feeling the best I have felt coming off of Pigman where my recovery was literally a day. I had my body in peak conditions. My mind was in the gutter.

I have not given up. Rather I have plans. I have big plans. Starting October I begin a new training season. Not just any training season, but a season to get me ready for a full Ironman. I will be ready. It is going to be a slow process back to the shape I was in. 5 weeks off I have gained some serious weight, formed bad habits, and lost a lot of endurance and stamina. However, mentally I think I am about ready for another 9 month training cycle.

So, I have been absent, hiding out at home and at school. I will soon emerge again and be ready to take things on. It will be difficult as I know where I was and where I want to be and how far away I am from both. One step at a time.

Be ready to follow my training. Be ready for me to share all things nerdy back to this blog. Be ready for Coffeechug to get back in his groove and GET IT DONE!

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Josiah said...

The time away will do you good. Physically your body will respond much quicker than you can imagine. Coming back from mental fatigue is tough and only time away can heal it. Looking forward to some long runs in the near future on the weekends and hearing about your journey to Ironman!