Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ironman Training Day 2: My First Run

Today is day two. I was up and ready to run. As I was preparing to run my 40 minute run at Level 2 this morning I kept thinking that I could go ahead and run 6-7 miles like I normally. I had to convince myself that I need to stick to the plan and not jump the gun. I was playing this battle in my mind for about 20 minutes.

Once I started out running, I knew that this mental battle was not worthwhile. There was no way this body could run 7 miles. It was weird that as I was running I felt like I was running at a pace like I used to run, but when I checked my watch I was SO MUCH SLOWER. I could not believe it.

After about 1.5 miles my legs were shot. My legs were struggling. I could not believe how far out of shape I have become taking the last 5-6 weeks off.

It was a beautiful morning. I did enjoy my run despite struggling and realizing how much I lost.

I came home and had to create a video. I was not going to make any the rest of the week, but I needed to get this on video to compare my fitness as I continue down this path. Check it out!

Getting It Done Episode 4: My First Run Recap

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