Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ironman Training Day 7 - Bike Trainer

Preseason: Week 1
Bike Ride - Long 90 minutes

Today I was to perform a 90 minute ride completing the following:

Easy/Steady ride at conversational pace at 65-70%/Zone 1/Easy, some 70-75%/Zone 2/Steady. Include 30’ in one gear of choice (middle of rear cassette).
Pick it and stick it. Use your legs to keep tension on the chain at high speeds, use your body position and/or standing to move the bike at low speeds.

It was way too cold out this morning for me to even consider going outside so I just rode on my trainer. Therefore the whole pick it and stick it idea did not really work as planned. However, my legs were sore from my 60 minute run yesterday and riding the bike for 90 minutes proved to be a challenge even at a steady easy level.

I felt good the first 45 minutes, but my legs were tired by the end and I did not find this too be easy. Getting back to shape is not easy when I was at such a different level of fitness a month ago. But, this allows me to train right and move in a different direction and pace which will hopefully pay off down the road.

So  I was able to finish 28 miles in 90 minutes.

Tomorrow I begin a 10 day cleanse and will continue to work on building up my endurance and work on technique.

A weekly recap will be coming soon along with my next Getting It Done episode.

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