Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ironman Training: Day 6 - Long Run

Preseason Week 1
Saturday Long Run

Typing right now is quite difficult as my hands are frozen and my fingers barely move. It was a tad chilly this morning. I like it cool, but not this in early October

I am glad I threw some tights on as I thought about not doing so before checking the weather. I also put on a long sleeve and a pair of gloves. A hat would have been nice, but I survived.

Today the plan was the following

EP/Zone 1/Easy to MP/Zone 2/Steady. Include 5 x 20" Strides at end. Rolling course. 60 minutes
My goal was to maintain any endurance built up. I had to laugh at this because I have no endurance after my layoff.

I did feel much better on the run today. Had it not been for my asthma kicking in the whole run, this would have been quite easy. My cardio felt great and my legs felt good for 95% of the run.

This morning I took some AdvoCare Spark with Arginine and O2 gold. Right before I left to run I took some AdvoCare Catalyst and headed out the door. Supplements don't solve all problems, but I cannot help but think that they don't play a part in getting back to fitness and helping with recovery and overall fitness. If you are interested in AdvoCare I would to talk with you about it. I don't have all the answers, but I know people who do.

It felt good to be out running. I put on my headphones and listened to some rap mixtapes and was just in my own world.

I kept things nice and easy as the plan states. It is hard not to push, but this is not a short race prep. This is a 9-10 month plan so I have to keep things in perspective to avoid burnout and injury. The hardest part is knowing the time I was putting in towards the end of my training and now I am doing about 1/3 of that. I know volume will come with time. The one thing I am doing now which I never did before was take this time to work on assessments and skill development. This will pay off in the long run.

I was able to pick up pace as my run went on and it did not feel more difficult. My HR stayed steady and it felt good to be back on the roads.

Off to a day with family. Have a great weekend.

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