Saturday, November 24, 2012

Out Season: Week 4 - Saturday Brick Workout

Okay, I hate to admit it, but I failed to get my run workout in yesterday. I told myself not to let myself skip the workout as I did not do it on Wednesday, but I just did not have it in me. I was mad at myself for not getting it done, but to be honest I think it was best. After a long day of cleaning and cooking all day Thursday, my body was worn out. I did some damage to the food prepared.

This makes for the 3rd workout I have missed in four weeks. I cannot get into this habit. I already skip the short little run on Tuesdays as I always have a game and don't feel like running after a long day. I don't feel bad about that, but I hate it when I miss the key workouts.

Today I jumped on the back this afternoon after mustering up the motivation to get going again.

The workout on the bike called for

5’ easy, 3’ standing @ big gear/low cadence, 2’ easy, then 12’ at Z3/80-85%/Mod Hard, then 3’ easy.

MS: 8' (2'), 10' (2), 10'(2') @ 95-100%/Zone4/Hard.

I need to retest myself on the bike. Staying in my HR zones of 143-148 don't challenge me that way I think they should during a Z4 ride. Now that I have TrainerRoad set up I am thinking of doing a bike test tomorrow and start using virtual power. I feel like I have come a long way on the bike in the four weeks of training and the Z4 area is not much of a challenge. I constantly find myself slowing down to stay in the zone.

 During the first 8 minute session I was at 26.5 mph with 144 HR
The first 10 minute sessions I was at  25.3 at 146 HR
The second 10 minute session I was at 25.7 at 145 HR

The numbers tell me that perhaps I could have cranked a bit more on the bike as my HR could have gone up to 148.

As soon as I finished the bike I jumped off and put my shoes and socks on. I jumped on the dreadmill and started running. I know the plan calls for a 20 minute run when bricking, but I needed to run a bit more since I missed my Wednesday workout. I did not want to be stupid so I just decided to go for 3 miles.

The run workout called for

MS: Steady run as MP/Z2/Steady out and back. If bricking, do 20' only.

I ran for about 26 minutes. My Zone 2 pace is 136 - 144 HR for a 7:40 pace. I could not run at this pace and keep my HR this low. I ran a 8:27 pace and was over at a 150 HR. This did not feel tough at all. I felt pretty good.

I did not use any fuel during either workout. I stuck to just water. I figured I packed away plenty of energy from all my eating the last two days.

Tonight I will eat somewhat healthy finishing up leftovers and cheer on my Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Tomorrow morning I will wake up early and get my run done so there are no excuses to be had. I need to ensure I get these run workouts done.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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