Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Banning Technology in Our House

I have made a decision in our household that starts today.

Today my children are banned from the iPad and electronics. They are glued to these tablets all the time. It is driving me nuts when I ask them to do something else and my son cries because he does not know what to do.

So, I am taking our family into technology rehab. Starting today no electronics allowed while at home except for phone call, emergency text, and a bit of TV here and there. This goes for me as well.

We are addicted to our electronics. I check my phone almost nonstop at home except when reading. I am bad and my example is what probably leads my children to be the same way. My daughters are not as bad as Aiden, but the habit is growing.

So, the blog might be a bit sparse over the next week. If I cannot get it done during school, then it won't happen.

This could be a tough 7 days. Let us hope we all make it out alive.
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