Thursday, March 21, 2013

NAGC: Digital Storytelling with Interactive Fiction

I have been recording my sessions notes from conferences I have attended are all located here.

I attended the NAGC conference in Denver a few months back and with being so busy with my teaching job I have a pad of notes(actually several pads from notes from all over) that I never had a chance to type up and share.

The notes that I have are a hodgepodge of several sessions where I did not take a massive amount of notes like the other sessions.

Here they are as I work to organize and declutter my book bag and life. I hope you find something useful.

*My ideas will be italicized to separate from notes*


"Rule of 2 Feet" - feel free to leave if you don't like the session (I like this rule and will use when presenting)


  • stand up, close eyes, think of gift
  • hands out, open eyes, open box and see gift
  • explain gift to others
"Thinking is movement confined to the brain." Arvid Carlsson

Authors of Games and Examples
Eric Schmidt
Graham Nelson (Craft of Adventure)
Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret
Run Adventure (Get Lamp)
Hunt the Wumpus
Inform 7 - use and create for interactive fiction

To Play
  • Interpreter program
  • Game files
The Dreamhold
Bronze(PG version

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