Thursday, March 21, 2013

NAGC: Long time ago, collection of notes from sessions

I have been recording my sessions notes from conferences I have attended are all located here.

I attended the NAGC conference in Denver a few months back and with being so busy with my teaching job I have a pad of notes(actually several pads from notes from all over) that I never had a chance to type up and share.

The notes that I have are a hodgepodge of several sessions where I did not take a massive amount of notes like the other sessions.

Here they are as I work to organize and declutter my book bag and life. I hope you find something useful.

*My ideas will be italicized to separate from notes*

Talent Development

  • Gifted education need to lead and align with general education and not be different
  • Talent Development is domain specific
    • with only IQ tests, it does not allow us to find their needs
    • IQ is a general predictor
  • Start with general thinking/problem solving, but at some time need specific needs
  • Why do we always need a test? You can see it so help them!
  • IQ note stable until age 7
  • Kids need to be exposed to many things to find their interest???
  • How do we get outside school opportunities into schools?
  • Kids talent areas may be in areas that the kid does not enjoy - then what?
  • How can schools entertain all talent development ideas?
  • Not enough teachers know how to get the best from students
Goals of Gifted

  • Eminence as an outcome? Concerns??
    • Intent is great, but implementation is wrong
  • Eminence won't happen in school - it will occur after they leave
  • Eminence is not the ultimate goal and bookmark, but it is the vision
    • Schools need to put things in place to start the process
Parent Panel
  • If meet needs of every learner, then there is no need for identification!!!
  • Not about the school, but learning is about the community
  • Hess - read about the study of mother's perspective of success
  • Need experts in the domains, teachers cannot know it all

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