Thursday, March 28, 2013

Training Day 4: Get Faster Block, Run Test

Holy Dry Heave Batman!

I knew I was out of shape after seeing my times in the pool and bike this week. I knew my run would be the worst. I was not ready for how terrible my body would feel. I apologize to the house I was dry heaving in front of after my run as I tried to regain some composure to jog home for my cool down.

On Feb. 6th I ran a sub 20 minute 5K on a treadmill

Out Season Week 14 Run Test 2/6/13 -

Today I was not quite there. I was right where I thought I would end up.

I did about a mile warm up and then right at 53rd I took off for the test. I started off good running a sub 7 minute mile the first mile, but things continued to slow a bit. I refused to look at my watch and just run. I did not want to get into a mental battle with the distance. About halfway through I felt my body slowly smack into the wall and begin to slide down it. I was able to hang out to finish with a 23:07 time in 3.23. I did run a bit over the 5K time.

Regardless I have lost major ground.

Back when I started training in November of 2012 after a long break in the action my progress over the out season was

Here is my Out Season Test Recap

Week 1: My time was 20:52 with a 6:43 pace
Week 8: My time was 20:33 with a 6:37 pace.
Week 14: My time was 19:28 with a 6:17 pace

I sit here today looking at my time of 23:07 and vDot of 44.09 and I am really behind. It will come back. I know it will, but this is frustrating because I look at where I was. Today I could barely sustain this and it was not that long ago I was cranking about intervals faster than this pace while watching Netflix. It is all good motivation to not fall behind.

The numbers never lie and this has been a great reality check. 
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