Friday, March 29, 2013

Training Day 5: Get Faster Block, Friday Swim Workout

I thought my arms would fall off.

Any why did nobody remind me how terrible 200 yard intervals are?

Aside from that I love swim workouts. It is a shock about the work involved to get back into shape. This whole week has been a real eye opener.

Today I had the following workout

WU: 400 MS1: 200, as 50 sprint, 150 easy, 20" rest 200, as 100 sprint, 100 easy, 20" rest 200 sprint, straight into an easy 50 Repeat two more times Set Total: 1800 MS2: 400, any pace you like, counting strokes and focusing on form CD: 100 easy Total: 2700

My warmup I did the following: 100 free, 100 pull, 100 kick(that long 2 minute rest on my watch!), and 100 free.

MS1: These were brutal. Not going to lie.
50 sprint, 150 easy - This was not bad, but a reminder on how swimming fast takes it out of you. I could handle this one.

100 sprint, 100 easy - This one I could always feel on the 75 yard mark and had to hold one for the last 25 sprint.

200 sprint - Not sure I could call my swim for this a sprint, but I swam as fast as I could for this distance. I was reminded of the terrible feeling of dead legs, lactic acid, heavy breathing,  and all while underwater. I hate it!

After each of these sets I only had a 20 second rest which flies by amazingly fast when you want to rest. If only time went this fast when running.

I did have to take breaks between each of the three rounds of this workout. I could not go back into the top again without a breather. I am out of shape and had to adjust. I tried to limit is a bit, but it is what it is. I had to do three rounds of what I mentioned above.

MS2: I did adjust this a bit. I overswam one of these sessions and added two 50's in between each of the three rounds. By this point my legs were dragging and my arms felt like they would fall off. I did 100 kick, 150 pull, and 100 free to wrap up.

All in all I swam 2700 yards and my total time with rests was 54:39. Not too bad for next to zero swimming in the past 5 months. Woo Ha!

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