Monday, April 8, 2013

Crowdsourcing for educators slide feedback PLEASE!

I just wrapped up creating my slides for my presentation on crowdsourcing for educators. My basic idea is that today teachers need to expand their horizons and understand that learning and education has changed within the last ten years. I want to give them some food for thought, talk a little bit about what goes into crowdsourcing ideas, and then show my wiki experiment as a live example of how it unfolds.

First, here are my slides I created. I need some people to look them over and give me feedback. I know it is hard without hearing me speak, but I hope they make a story of sorts.

Second, I still would love to have more people add their insights to the wiki. Please consider helping out to show my staff the power of crowdsourcing.

Here is the link - It is open so you don't need to subscribe or anything.

I look forward to hearing feedback as always!
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