Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Get Faster Week 2: 2 Run workouts in 12 hours

I am back in the game people!

Monday morning I got my swim on.

Monday evening before Amanda had to tutor I jumped outside and completed an interval run workout.

The workout called for
MS: 2 x 1 mile (4') @ TP/z4/Hard. 

My zone 4 pace right now is a slow 7:35, but you have to start somewhere. Despite not being where I want things, this is far from easy for me. I did a nice mile warm up and started off. It was nice to run in the sunshine, but the wind was rough and gave me a wonderful earache afterwards.

The first mile interval I nailed running a 7:29 pace. I was right on track. I felt pretty good. I did the four minute rest and set out for the second interval. I ran 7:28, but during this mile my quads became sore and tight. I can tell I am out of shape. I knew that continuing the run for a total of 60 minutes was not in the cards for me. It is about quality over quantity at this stage in my training and no use to risk injury. I also knew I wanted to run in the morning so I cut the course short and headed home to finish under 5 miles in less than 40 minutes.

I came home and stretched, but knew I would be sore. My ankles hurt the worst! They are tender.

This morning(Tuesday) I headed to the Y for the 6B46 group run. It was just Jane and we took off and had a great talk. I had a hard time talking and breathing, but once I settled it was much better. I still am getting back in shape. My legs were sore from the run, but it felt good to battle through and loosen them up. I talked a bit about this new book out on training and fitness and we talked family life. It was a good run.

So, in less than 13 hours I knocked out two runs. I have barely ran two times in a week in the last six weeks. As the day wore on I became super sore.

Tonight I jump on the bike for a bike workout. This shall prove interesting to see how the legs adapt. A couple days of double workouts before heading out of town and giving the body a break. I forgot how sore you feel when working to get back into not only shape, but race shape. There are two major differences between the two. Each week I continue to work on better eating. I have to go in stages in order not to burn out.

I will report back in a few hours after my bike workout when the kids go to bed. Until then........
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