Monday, April 1, 2013

How I Stay Organized: Simple and Effective

I have read countless books and download several apps to help with my organization and to do lists. I have found over and over that I thoroughly enjoy the simple gratification of writing and scratching things out.

I love notepads. I hate spiral notepads. I must have blue or yellow legal notepads that pull away from the top. It is how I roll!

Each Sunday night I will write out a To Do List for the week. This list will be large and long usually sitting around 15-20 items. This keeps my ADHD brain full. My goal is to have them all crossed off by Friday. As I finish one item I cross them out with my good old red Sharpie.

Throughout the week I will add more items and these items will need to be done by the weekend.

Off to the side I always make a mini list of MUSTS that need to be done over the weekend like bills, groceries, etc.

I then repeat the process

What works best for you? I am always looking for ways to improve my strategy to be more focused and efficient in life. Please do share what works for you.

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