Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Liberty and Justice Updates, Identification, and Facts

I write this blog post after not having time to create some more learning videos. I have crafted a few learning videos over on our ALCOA Eagle Eye to the World project page - http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/Eagle+Learning+Videos

Instead I would like to bring everyone up to speed with the eaglets in case you have not been watching the camera on a daily basis. The eaglets are now a little over two weeks old. They are getting big. If you have not checked the camera please do so so you can see how big they have grown.

By this point they have gained a couple pounds and should be able to thermoregulate their bodies. They are growing everyday. They are eating quite well. The massive piles of food in the nest just blows my mind. We have continued to chart the food brought into the nest each day. As always, feel free to help us keep track of things happening in the nest. We have two pages on our wiki page where we are trying to document all events in the nest.

1. http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/2013+Eaglet+Food+Chart - This page we are tracking all food brought into the nest. Really impressive when you look at the daily events of the nest.
2. http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/2013+Eaglets - This page we are tracking daily events of the nest as well as pictures. 

Please feel free to help us out. I know we can do more, but with with teaching, jobs, and kids it is all about crowdsourcing at this point.

Some of you have asked over and over how to better identify the eagles. Liberty is pictured below

Rare shot today of Liberty sporting both identifying marks, above the eye and on the tail.

Next, many have contacted me about how high the nest is in the tree and perspective of the area. Here are some photos to help give you a better sense. The nest is about 80 feet in the tree. It is about 7 feet wide and 5 feet deep. It is massive. I hope these images courtesy of the amazing John Riches help give you a better sense.

As always, thank you to everyone students and adults who continue to find interest in the eagles as well as continue asking questions. Every single day there is something to learn. Keep the dialogue and questions coming. Until next time.......

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