Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Zentangle and Old School Art

For Easter we had the family over for dinner. Because I had so much to do I decided to do a zentangle on the chalkboard that is in our kitchen(sarcasm here....I had plenty to do and this was not the best choice:)). We have this massive old school chalkboard in our kitchen. Can you tell we are both teachers. This was by far the biggest art piece(funny I call it art instead of doodling!) I have crafted. And the first zentangle in chalk.

Zentangle on kitchen chalkboard. 3.30.13

As I was cleaning out the closet in the Nerd Cave I came across a big old watercolor notepad of mine. This is not watercolor, but I have decided to share these pieces in bits. This one was from college at some point. I don't declare to be any good at what I do and this piece proves I am not talented, but it does make a statement. Obviously I was going through something at the time with the word "MORE" in bold black and the ? added to the street. I don't recall my thoughts nor really what year I did this. I am intrigued by what I was expressing. I must have gotten it off my chest as I don't remember the stage in my life.

A painting of mine from I don't know when. I am assuming college.
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