Friday, April 26, 2013

My Blog Won A Award! Yahoo!!!!!

Yesterday I received a wonderful email from the website Pace Per Mile.

They emailed me to let me know that they have chosen my blog for providing great content, frequent updates, and more. They are going to list my blog on their website and tweet out my posts to all of their followers in which they have a large following of 28,000+

How cool is this!

Beyond cool, like super AWESOMESAUCE!

And it will also be featured on their Facebook page of 17,000+ fans

This just made my day. After a long week of of some ups and downs, battling illness in my family, and trying to get back into training mode after finding many excuses this was exactly what I needed.

Some good old positive reinforcement is so nice. This is a great reminder to spread positive vibes to other people, students, family, and friends.

What an excellent way to end my week. I am working to getting back into training for triathlons as well as the daunting task of my second marathon. I will pledge to continue to work harder than ever to provide quality content on my blog for people.

Please check out Pace Per Mile on their website, Twitter, and Facebook. They are doing something right with all of their fans and followers. I feel very honored to be recognized by them.

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