Friday, April 26, 2013

Endless Thoughts and Ideas

I presented a few weeks back and as I declutter and organize my thoughts and ideas I want to take time to reflect on some ideas I wrote down as I was preparing for my presentation. They are bit random, but I think they lead to some interesting ideas and possible discussion topics.

1. Model Learner

I have been so fascinated by this idea. If you follow me on Twitter I think I have mentioned that the teacher's role today is to be a model learner in the classroom. I know I have mentioned this in at least three chats this past week. I have been working on this concept in my mind for weeks. I love it and find it to be so true. We are no longer needed to be the guru of knowledge and facts when they can use Mr. Google anytime they please. Instead we must be model learners showing them how to learn, how to think, and how to make things happen.

2. Cursive handwriting is not in the Common Core BUT by the end of 4th grade students need to be able to have command of the keyboard to complete a one page assignment.

This is a sign that times are changing. I think of my own kids and how I ready to make them do some keyboarding drills to learn how to type. I think it is essential. It holds more importance than writing cursive. Besides your signature, when else do you write cursive?

Even scarier is when is it no longer needed to even learn keyboarding? That may happen in our lifetime as fast as technology is advancing. Sounds crazy, but could be a reality.

3. Technology is an extension of our brain, not about "stuff". This statement rings true. A few days back I shared a video my kids made for their mom for her birthday using Minecraft. Through this platform they showed more emotion and love for their mom than any card or present we could have bought at a store. It was amazing how they incorporated their ideas into their Minecraft present.

4. Teachers/adults see technology as tools where students see technology as a foundation. I think we need to remember the perspective we bring to the world is important. It is the way of life. When we were kids were confusing the generation before with our technology love and now we are shifting to that phase. Crazy how we all use technology in our daily lives except when in school.

Alright, just some ideas floating in my head and my notepad. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.
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