Monday, April 8, 2013

Teaching Ideas: Problem Solving

Kind of cool puzzles as challenges for students.

Use these as takeoff points for other learning:

Good for teaching problem solving. Don't just give these to students. Take a step back and determine what the student needs to approach the problem.
Possibly approach the problem in reverse if possible.e.g. writing equations backwards based on word descriptions

For example: A number is four times larger than that number added to 7
x= 4(x+7)

Don't just do the puzzles but discuss HOW TO solve them - the elements to consider, analyzing options, looking at the puzzle from various perspectives, comparing them to real-life situations,

Do an expanded set of drawings/sketches to show the problem and possibly find a "rear view" solution.

Also consider the social and interactive aspects of this kind of problem-solving.

What other discussions that can come from the exercises? e.g. how does somebody make these?

Create your own - with written explanations on how to solve them.

Thanks again Otto Schmidt
Accent on Skills Consulting
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