Monday, May 6, 2013

Ironman Journey Resumes after 3 month of Nothing, Rev3 Cedar Point Here I Come

Alright, I have hit the highs and lows of motivation, training, and nutrition the last six months. I hit an all time high of fitness from Nov - Jan. I hit an all time low from Feb - May doing nothing and being a mess.

Back in October of 2012 I started this journey to complete my first 140.6 triathlon.

I am back. I have 19 weeks to get ready for Rev3 Cedar Point.

Last night I attended swim clinic to find what I need to work on after a long time of no swimming.

Today I hit up the pool for a technique swim

My training has completely changed due to me not following my plan set by my coach. I am now on a 20 week Ironman plan. These next four weeks are just about getting back in the groove.

I will have another 4 week block and then a 12 week intense, locked in training block to get ready.

Today I did the following

Warm Up - 100 free, 100 pull, 100 kick hard, 100 paddles

Drill Propulsion Progression
MS: 2 x 50 (15") Swim Golf; 2 x 50 (15") for each of the six Propulsion Progression Drills; 2 x 50 (15") Swim Golf. Focus Swimming: 2 x 50 (15"), focus on front quadrant: lead hand is extending until recovering hand is about at your ear. 2 x 50 (15"), focus on catch: think "finger tips down. 2 x 50 (15"), focus on catch: think "over the barrel." 2 x 50 (15"), focus on best form you can maintain. 2 x 50 (15") Swim Golf.

I wrapped up with 100 kick, 100 paddles, and 200 free set.

Total: ~1800

I will be sore tomorrow. I was sore this morning.

Here is Ironman Journey Episode 6

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