Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finding the joy in exercise, creating routine, and taking a break from school

This summer I have found myself all over the place. I have a long list of things to do and just seem to be in an unorganized mess. After a week of doing nothing, I have slowly turned things around. A lot of new things developing and a fresh look on my future as things have come my way.

The last two weeks I have found myself at the highs and lows of life and just trying to make sense of it all. Amanda and I have been decluttering our house and despite being a bit tense as we do things a bit differently it feels good to get rid of stuff.

I have also found the joy in exercise again. I have been off and on lately starting up with training plans for this race or that. I hit a wall. Hard for me to admit, but I lost the love of training. I still felt the benefit of exercise, but was not excited.

Over the weekend I swam at Lake G for the first open water swim and really enjoyed that. I ran the other morning nice and easy with a great friend and this morning had a killer swim workout in the pool. I just need to get back to enjoying these things because my life seems much more in harmony that when I am being active.

I have not posted much on the blog this summer and have just a few random things online here and there. It has felt good to step back a bit and just get away from it all. I still lurk and still bookmark things of interest. I am not going completely nomad style, but just recharging my batteries to get ready for another round of awesomeness.

I hope that others are enjoying their summers and time off. So much to do, but don't forget to take that time for yourself.

Things I plan on doing.

1. Recording my exercise here on the blog again to help with accountability.
2. Continue to downsize all the stuff I have
3. Plan out the next round of #coffeechugPLN chats
4. Get ready to start sharing out new projects and ideas
5. Enjoy the summer!

The goal is to do more with less
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