Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spike, the Elf on the Shelf strikes the Maurer household again!!!!!!!!!!!

Spike has continued to make his way around the Maurer househhold. I thought I would share some pictures to document his journey so far.

Here is the link to the first day he arrived:

The last few days some crazy things have happened with Spike being in our house.

First, Aiden thought that Spike would be hungry watching all day so he put a pretzel next to him. Of course Spike took a bite and left Aiden a note.

Spike then moved around to the top of the fridge and was hiding in a basket to keep a watchful eye on their behavior.

Spike then became a little crafty and had a little too much fun while we were all asleep and left us a little mess, but a good mess. It might a little hard to read the letter, but Spike and Aiden correspond through this paper. The message with this image reads, "Have you ever made an Elf Angel in the snow?" Aiden explained to Addy that Spike is able to write because Santa has provided him the magic to write and think. He also gave me a 3 minute explanation about how Spike is real because his eyes are real eyes and not fake sticker eyes like baby dolls and superheroes.

Last, we woke up this morning to see Spike still on a roll with having fun in our house at night. I don't know how we keep missing all the fun when Amanda and I are up with Ava all night :) You will notice that Aiden wrote Spike back stating he has not made an Elf Angel. Spike left another message, "Do you like my art? Draw a picture of me." So far, the kids have not located this scene yet so I will be interested to see how they respond.


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