Monday, December 5, 2011

Triathlon Training - Week 2: Monday Swim and Week 1 Reflection

I cannot believe that week 1 has already come and gone. It really feels like so much has happened so fast since I have finally made the plunge to the triathlon world. Last week I had a great first week. I went above the week 1 training plans, but I don't feel I overdid anything that would lead to fatigue or injury.

I ended week 1 with about 38 miles of training
- 3200 yds of swimming in 100 minutes
- 10 miles of running in 80 minutes
- 26 miles on the stationary and trainer bike 95 minutes

I also lifted weights two times and played a game of basketball ending with 9 workouts and a total of about a little over 6 hours of training when I add everything up.

I am not going to lie, my body was sore Sunday. It was not used to this type of training and it was a nice shock to the system. I am going to have to make sure I really give my body the proper rest day on Sundays(when I play basketball). I know from training from the marathon how important rest days really are and there is no need to risk injury now by not taking proper measures. Overall, it was a great week of training.

Today I jumped back in the pool. I went for another larger volume swim workout knowing I will do a lighter workout later in the week due to having my Tri Swim class this weekend. I really am enjoying the swimming.

Today I did the following


200 swim easy
200 kick with fins
200 pull buoy

Swim Drills

12 x 50
4 - counting strokes(still at 17-18)
4 - six kick switch
4 - shark fin

Swim Base Intervals

5 x 100 - I did fine on three of these and two of these I had that sense of panic. Slowly building up endurance.

Swim Kick w/ fins

8 x 50
4 on back
4 on stomach in streamline

Swim Cool Down

100 easy

Swim Total is 2200 yds

A great week to start the week. Back to the roads for running tomorrow. GETTING IT DONE! is back in effect and it feels great. I weigh in tomorrow so I hope to shed a few of the pounds I gained from Thanksgiving.

Happy Monday! I am back to attend to my sick daughter Ava who has had a fever and been up all night the last few nights. Time for her to go down and for me to catch up on some sleep.

Last note, I did purchase some bike shoes and pedals. After the workout on the bike this weekend I don't think I can go any longer without them. I have one last purchase and then I will be done as my funds are depleting quickly. I have been getting some great deals, but it does cost some money to get started. My last purchase will be a wetsuit which I have picked out and ready to go. I just need to get the other items taken care of first. Only one more thing to make it final and that is to actually register for the half marathon. I hope to do that this week as well.

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