Thursday, December 29, 2011

Triathlon Training Week 5 - Lactic Acid Threshold Week - Thursday Bike Ride (Workout #2 of the Day)

After resting up and deciding not get in the bike ride yesterday I incorporated the ride today. I feel really good today. I don't know if my body was just in need of some rest and nutrition or what, but what a night and day difference in how I feel compared to yesterday.

This morning I had an excellent run really feeling great about things. This has been a great week of training. Not a week that I could do weekly, but given the holiday break it has been perfect for me mentally.

This evening I cranked out the bike workout from yesterday. Nothing major as you can see.

Week 5 Thursday Ride - Workout #2 of Day

I started off nice and easy on gear #2 on the front and in the middle on the back. I slowly made my way up to where I like riding which is the big gear up front and small on the back. I did not get to this point until the last 1/4 of the ride. My goal after about 30 minutes was to get in 28 miles without going crazy, but as I continued to shift I felt really good and finally at the 60 minute mark decided I could get in 30 I wanted it bad enough. I hit it almost dead on as I cranked the pace to a 2:09 and 1:55 mile split the last two miles. I nailed my goal of 30.04 miles in 1:15:01. I made my goal which was good for me after coming up a little short this morning.

I averaged a 2:30 mile pace with an avg. speed of 24 mph and an avg. HR of 125 which is perfect for this type of workout. The one thing I have to figure out is why my feet hurt so bad while riding. After about 20 minutes the bottoms of my feet hurt something fierce. I am not sure if it is the shoes, the placement of the cleats or what. I need to do a little research.

I struggle on the bike. My legs get quite tired. They just are not there yet. I had to call Amanda on her cell phone to have her fill up my water bottle. I tried a new drink which I really liked(I will post more on it soon on a nutrition post I am working on), but I had to have another bottle of water as I sweating like crazy. After the ride I felt fantastic. I actually feel the best I have felt all week. I am glad I rode this evening. I am not sure that riding at 5 pm was the most ideal time to ride, but I wanted to watch Notre Dame play in the bowl game and decided to go for it. Plus, I did not want to ride too late tonight as I plan on going for a long run with the Leadville guys tomorrow morning.

I am off to watch some basketball with Amanda and call it a night. Back up bright and early.

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