Monday, December 16, 2013

#CoffeechugCAFE Podcast Series: Living on Edge of Chaos - Episode 7: Todd Henry

Todd Henry is the author of two great books - The Accidental Creative and his latest release Die Empty. You can check out his website where you can find his podcasts and all social media links. 

I read Accidental Creative a few months back and absolutely fell in love with this book and his work.

I then pre ordered Die Empty and absorbed that book even more so. I liked it even more than Accidental Creative. The basis of the book is to help people, companies, businesses, and organizations do their most important work. As I read this book I could relate almost all of it to education and to the many ideas that I am striving for within my own job in education.

I sent Todd an email about chatting with me on this podcast and I jumped for joy when he said yes. 

Here is the link to his latest book, Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Everyday

Show Notes

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Google Glass for Bettendorf Middle School Students

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