Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Banned Book News Update

I have decided to bring up this issue that is currently taking place with some books in Leesburg, Florida where some mothers are raising a stink. There are many blogs and websites that are covering many issues with Banned Book Week and this whole situation. So many times people create a problem that needs not to be created and in many of these problems the people are not well informed.

I came across this whole situation when I was checking out John Green's website/blog. He not only creates amazing stories, but he raises some great points on his videos that he submits. Anyways, he has responded to the criticism of his books being used in schools. After viewing his video I went out and read some of the blogs and websites that have raised the issue.

I think I still stand by my disclaimer that I use for all my book talks - There are so many outstanding books, books that are created for every type of person in the world. The books I suggest are just that - suggestions - and in the end it is up to the parents to decide what they want their children to read.

One parent or a group of parents should not have the power to change the power of choice for everyone when it comes to reading. Every family and person is different and unique. One set of parents may not agree with a book and that is fine, schools can find something else. Another set of parents may not care what their child is reading as long as they are reading. Others are very comfortable with their children reading any kind of book because it generates great family discussions. In the end, don't knock a book unless you have read the book and fully understand the contents and the message. Additionally, kids are exposed to more things everyday and to have them read about it might be a good thing if you as a parent take the time to sit down and discuss. I have said my piece.
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