Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday Morning Insights

Another Saturday morning insight posted on a Sunday. I should have realized that nothing interesting happens until after Saturday when I created this series. Oh well, no turning back now.

I am going out to buy a new battery recharger for my Macbook Pro this weekend. Why do I share this statement with you? Because, once I charge up my Mac then I will begin to experiment with vlogs. This simply means that instead of always writing my posts I will also be creating posts using video. I will probably start off with my face right up on the screen and venture out from there. Should prove interesting.

As I check to see how people found their way to my blog I came across a search from the United Kingdom looking for "brain wake-up". May I suggest coffee right away in the morning with regular intervals of coffee uptake to keep going full speed all day. Or, I could send you my two dogs who like to wake me up at 4 in the morning to be fed and nothing makes me more angry that having dog breath in my face. My only other suggestion for brain wake-up would be to try the challenge where you have to see if you are smarter than a chimp. Be sure to watch Ayumu tear up the challenge.

Still looking for people to submit their creativity to our own Exquisite Corpse Adventure. I promise that once we get one of these to take off, this could turn out to a popular way to waste time.

I promise to post some book reviews this week as I have read a few more. I am falling behind on the reviews.

I would like to leave you with some useless knowledge as you enjoy your Sunday. When Coca-Cola announced the return of Coke's original formula in 1985, ABC News interrupted General Hospital to break the story.

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