Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things I learned from my massive pile of magazines - Part 3

This post will cover my thoughts of the Men's Health December issue. This one is in my top 5 favorite magazines. Despite the fact that David Zinczenko has been accused of recycling articles and pictures(quite obvious when you read about it online and also frustrating to a consumer) I still find this magazine to draw me in to everything it shares.

1. Suggestions for top 3 coffee bean picks(yes, I plan on buying them all now, thanks Men's Health)
  • Best Light Blend they suggest Zoka Tangletown Blend
  • Best Medium Bodied they suggest Verve 1950 Blend
  • Best Deep, Bold blend they suggest Gimmel Coffee Leftist Espresso Blend
Never heard of any of these, but after some posts on Twitter and now this I have some serious coffee coming my way(twitter recommendation I read was Flying Goat Coffee)

2. Pull Out Poster had a great workout. I plan on incorporating this into my first workouts after the holidays to get refocused on my training even though I hate dead lifts with a passion.

3. Some delicious looking meatball recipes. Too bad my family does not like meatballs or else I would make them.

4. Great article titled, From Average Joe to Pro discusses how to train no matter who you are. Todd Durkin, the trainer of the article states that he trains all his clients the same no matter if they are NFL players or a regular guy like myself. Durkin has a book called IMPACT! Body Plan. Never heard of it, but may be worth checking out.
  • Guy in article followed his training and dropped 12 lbs in one month and many body ailments disappeared.
  • Not easy, but in order to change workouts, must change mind(so true with everything in life am I right Coffeechuggians?)
  • Proper warm up makes you sweat. Running on treadmill for 5 minutes and bench press with just bar is USELESS people. I know that and yet how many of us do that? Actually, I just did that today knowing it was a waste of time. Do as I write not as I do!!
  • Dynamic warm up of about 15 exercises in 7-10 minutes. Tough people!
  • Workouts should take 45 minutes and not two hours. Efficient with time
  • Giant sets - 3 exercises or more with no break in between
  • Durkin provides some killer workout ideas. I am going to try out the Death Crawl and the one labeled as one of his favorite drill to end any workouts. They look super nasty, but am up for the challenge. Will keep you posted.
There is much more to share and that will come in part 4.
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