Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things I learned from my massive pile of magazines - Part 4

Part 4 will continue things I took away from Men's Health December issue. Go here to read part three

I will start off by stating that after reading the article on Todd Durkin I went on Amazon and bought his IMPACT book. I am such a sucker for books and workout ones in particular. I need something new and fresh and this looks promising. I also picked up 100 push-ups in 7 weeks training book. Between these two I should have plenty to do starting in January.

Buying these items reminds me of the fact that magazines are just monthly catalogs of things to buy with articles to persuade you to buy these items even more. The media giants are smart because they just worked on me.

Another article grabbed my interest in this issue for several reasons
1. The title, How a Fat Nation Can Slim Down - I was interested to read the ideas suggested
2. Some of these topics are ones that could be used in my Lego Robotic team presentation
3. Further motivation to change my eating habits to healthy and normal

What I learned?
  • Brian Wansink, Ph.D conducted a study on larger people vs. regular people and their behavior in eating at restaurants. Crazy stuff was pointed out by seat location, plate sizes, men and their manly image, etc.
  • More than 50% of calories come from carbs
  • Average man watches 3 hours of tv and 24 minutes of exercises - This is sad my friends!!!!
  • 2/3 of Americans are overweight
  • 1/3 of men and 40% of women born this century will be diabetic and die before their time
  • Average American consumes 45 lbs of sugar
  • a single 64 ounce Double Gulp provides the same amount of sugar as what was at one point in time a lifetime supply of sweetener
  • Average American drinks 16 ounces of pop a day and if that were to be replaced by water they would weigh 15 lbs less than what they currently do.
There were some good solutions/ideas presented. Nothing mind blowing or anything new, but awareness of parents and what they feed their kids, schools need to change, companies need to stop targeting people and d more than just tell us to exercises, government should get involved like they did with cavities and tobacco, and just a whole collective battle to change things.

I think it is time. How many of us know of someone who has body aches, problems. illness, disease, etc. that could probably be eradicated with some exercise and change in their diet? We all know these people and it is time we take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.

Enough with Men's Health. Up next, another Outside magazine and ESPN.
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