Sunday, January 2, 2011

Book Review: Bloated Goat

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When Granny Hammy finds Bloated Goat face down in her front yard's drainage ditch, her grandson Cocky Doodle thinks nothing of it. In fact, he says that’s just another normal day for his best friend. But when they discover that Bloated Goat has little black Xs for eyes and is even more bloated than normal, they realize it is much more serious.

Come join the trio on a humorous adventure filled with jewel thieves, a despondent wolf, an alligator gangster, a kingdom of hungry mushrooms, a shocking skunk wedding, and a mysteriously powerful chameleon known as Crazy Ned.

My Thoughts

How can you not enjoy a book that starts a chapter out with the following line

"Oh, poop," said a beefy rhino.

How can you not enjoy a book that is as off the wall as the book cover

This book only cost 99 cents on Amazon. This is worth every penny(literally). This book is a perfect light easy read that will provide you with some great moments of humor. Basically, the Bloated Goat is a hot commodity for a variety of animals for a variety of reasons. 

Here is a list of characters in the book. How can you not be intrigued after reading this list?

BR a.k.  Beefy Rhino
Bully Mammoth
Cocky the Rooster
Granny the Hammerhead who turns into Sharklock Holmes
Maxine the Skunk who is married to Bloated Goat
An army of ants
Father Rat and his 39 member family of rats who need Bloated Goat to complete their collection
A mushroom militia
Walter Wolf who is hungry and is married to a wolf with no name
Big Al the alligator
Ellie and the elephants
Crazy Ned the chameleon who argues with a sock puppet

The word play in the story is quite clever (the caged chicken line by Walter was well done). This was a nice read to have after not being able to get into any heavy reading lately.

I think anyone would get a kick out this story. Some people might get annoyed with the characters talking to the author or reader at times. This did not bother me, but I know with some other books I have read and reviewed that this is something that bothers some people. I think it just added one more element of zaniness to this story. I was not sure what to expect, but I am sure glad I gave this a read. This was a fun enjoyable reading adventure and all for a buck people. Be sure to give it a whirl.

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