Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cleaning up my Gmail Account - Part 1

As I finally go through and attempt to clean up all my emails I decided to go ahead and share some things that had saved. Most of these come from emails I sent myself from browsing the internet or from Twitter.

1. Nice Collection Of Google Templates For Student Projects:
2. Why students should create content: #edtech
3.CSI Web Adventures - Lessons in Forensic Science:
4. How to Broadcast a Live PowerPoint 2010 Presentation – Free -
5. Immerse your learners in an alternate reality. Today's great tip from @bbetts
6. Latest Find: I want my five hours back: the case against homework
8. Top 50 mLearning (Mobile Learning) Resources
9. 10 Reasons to Have Students Submit Papers Using Google Docs
10. Email to myself
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