Monday, June 13, 2011

Garmin Tools Review: Watch and Cadence Sensor

I am keeping this review short and sweet. Garmin watches are the best. I have used this watch for over year. I love everything about it. I continue to learn and more about the watch. It is super easy to use. The software works great and provides more information than you ever care to know unless you are a pro runner/athlete in which you probably have others helping you with your data. This watch is very durable. I like that it is big because it makes it easy to view while watching. I know there are newer models, but this watch works just fine so why upgrade.

The heartrate strap is an added benefit. I use my watch almost daily for my running and I love how it tracks my courses and syncs with Google Earth. It also syncs with if you use this website to track your data with others.

I have no complaints. I have used the watch with both PC and Mac and I love it even more on my Mac, but the PC works just as well.

The Cadence sensor for bikes works excellent also.

This is worth every single penny if you are a person like me who needs to the data to keep motivated in running.

I am not a major bike rider, but with the cost of gas and summer time I am using my bike to ride to the Y for my runs and workouts. I added this to my bike the other night. I am terrible with tools and installing any device. This was very simple to add. It took me all of 15 minutes to install on my bike. If I can do it, then anyone can do it. Switching my Garmin watch to my bike setting and BOOM I am ready to go. I love this sensor because it works with my watch which syncs right into my Garmin software on my computer.

For $35 this is a great purchase. It does everything you would expect it to. So far, Garmin you have not done me wrong. Fingers crossed this continues.

Another great exercise tool to add if you ride your bike.
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