Friday, March 23, 2012

114 Days Remaining - Short Swim and Weights(Yes, your eyes don't deceive you!)

My training for swimming called for a shorter swim today. After getting back in the pool this week and finally hitting my stride on Wednesday I was at first fighting the training plan and wanting to swim more. However, I stuck to the plan and was glad I did.

I have been super tired this week. Getting back into the routine of school, still catching up from vacation, and the early onset of allergies has wiped me clean. Each night I fight to stay awake past 8 pm.

Last night I had planned a bike workout, but after a Lego Robotics meeting(we are competing internationally) I came home tired and decided to just watch basketball and lounge. My right calf is still incredibly sore from when it cramped earlier in the week. I will get my ride in tonight.

This morning I headed to the pool for a short, but tough swim. My body was tired. I had to focus to get over the midway point of the workout, but once I did things started to click and it was hard to stop so soon.

Warm Up
300 Free 5:00
100 Kick with fins and board - 2:14

4 x 50(25 build, 25 easy) - :44, :43, :43, :42

Main Set
6 x 50 Build with 10 sec RI - :41, :40, :41, :41, :41, :41

300 Free - 4:42(My T-Pace for 300 is 4:53 so this is good)

100 Kick with fins and board - 2:15

6 x 50 (2-2-2) with 10 sec RI - :44, :45, :42, :42, :39, :38(My 50 T-Pace is :48)

4 x 100 at T-Pace(1:36) - 1:28, 1:29, 1:32, 1:32 - I was under my T-Pace, but I felt like I was swimming so slow at these paces. I tired to get dialed in at my T-Pace, but just could not swim slow enough without feeling like I was going to go under

Total Yardage: 2000
Time: 31:33

After my swim I did enter the weightroom. I did a few lifts to get in some lifting.

Bench 2 x 10 @ 45lb plates
Lat Pulldown - 2 x 10 @ 100 lbs
Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press 2 x 10 @ 35 lb dumbbells
Squats - 2 x 10 @ 45 lb plates

Nothing noteworthy, but I was glad I actually did some weightlifting. I need to get in more, but one step at a time.

Getting my body ready for a big weekend. Big 15 mile run tomorrow and a long bike ride Sunday. Look forward to wrapping up the week with some good totals.
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