Saturday, April 14, 2012

92 Days Remaining - Saturday Morning Long Run, Many Paths, Many Goals, All For Pursuit Of Making Ourselves Better!

This morning we started our running at 6 am instead of the super early Byrne style 4:30 am. Byrne was out of town so we started at 6 am and made sure we had a good run in his absence even though I am sure he was out running well before we were this morning in Marion.

We had another great turnout. I can't remember the exact total of runners, but I know Jen took a picture so when I see that image I will update the number, but I know we had at least 15. Yes, Byrne we took a picture for you so your tradition would not end!!

This morning the running all started together, but the end results were a little varied based on personal training plans and goals. Some just needed to get in a long run. Some were going long based on their marathon plan. Some were supposed to run a half marathon race pace. Some were just along for the ride. In the end, it all worked out. It did not matter what we were achieving personally because together as a unit we were GETTING IT DONE! I really love this group. I wish there was more time to talk and get to know the runners more, but we all lead busy lives and just the fact that we all get together early on the weekends is enough. When I pull up I am always motivated to get started. I can drive in tired and cranky, but seeing the cars....and mopeds......always energizes me.

My running plan called for 11 miles with 7 at race pace. I am not sure what I will be able to hold after getting off the bike so I just decided to run with Gaffney, Uhde, and Curt S. to see how long I could hold on. I know Katie needed to get in a half marathon race this weekend for her training. Instead we just ran at her race pace. I knew this would be challenging enough. I was not completely sold on running the whole 13 miles, but I told myself I would see how the body handled and make a decision at the half way point.

We took off and I felt good. Despite riding late last night, my legs felt good. They warmed up nicely and I felt at ease and relaxed. I knew I would be okay. When we hit the bike path I knew I could handle the run without it feeling like going overboard. I need to be careful about not pushing too much and needing more recovery time than I have time for. At 6.5 miles I felt good. The HR was steady, my breathing was minimal, and my legs felt a little tired, but nothing major. I decided to stay with the group.

I felt great cardio and aerobic wise until mile 11 when I caught a painful side cramp. I forced my way through it and finished on par with the rest of my mile times. I was quite happy with the run.

IMG_2712I did run in my triathlon race shoes. I decided to try them out on this run by running with no socks. I don't know that a 13 mile run is the best option for testing them out, but that is what I did.

I love these shoes. These are the Asics Tri Noosa 7's. They are bright and flashy.

When I started out they felt fine. I felt good running in them. This is the first pair in over a year that I have ran in that have not been Brooks Ravenna 2.

IMG_2716About 3.5 miles into the run I felt some rubbing on the inside of my right shoe. I stopped at one point to make sure there was not just a piece of fabric or something loose. I decided to just run through it. I had already started the blister forming process so there was little I could do that point. This spot lead to this wonderful blister that looks awesome!

IMG_2717As I kept running I could just feel the blister growing. I knew it was going to be a good one, but I did not think it would be this super dazzling. This has to be the best blister I have earned yet to date. As I continued to run I felt my right foot toe area starting to run. It did not hurt, but I could just feel something. I was not expecting a blister, but when I took my shoes off I was delivered with this surprise gift as well.

IMG_2718My left foot felt great. I did not feel any pain at all until the end. I ended up with a blister and about 3-4 little blisters here and there. This one does not look as bad, but this one hurts the most.

I came home and ate some monster food. 4 eggs with cut up turkey deli meat and cheese, chocolate milk, and some coffee. The only soreness I have are my feet. The balls of my feet are sore. My knees are a little tender. I am not sore from the actual run. I think my legs will recover well so I can knock out my 3 hour bike ride either tonight or tomorrow morning. I also have swim clinic and a practice swim in my wetsuit. Off to enjoy the rest of day and celebrate Amanda's birthday.

Great job everyone! I am really lucky to be around so many awesome people striving to improve themselves. I love it when I read or talk to you all and hear that you ran faster than what you thought or ran farther or dug down to get your run done. Keep it up. Hope to see many of you again Tuesday or Thursday for the 6B46 runs!

I pulled up my post from the QC 1/2 marathon I ran Sept. 2010 when I ran 1:46 and was blown away by my results.

Today I crushed that time running in 1:40. I look forward to watching my fitness progress and see what I am capable of this year. I am so glad I blog and track everything because this is good reminder of where I was and where I am now. In a real race I would push harder and beat the time I ran today for sure!

Here is a map of our course

GETTING IT DONE! was completed this morning.
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