Friday, May 25, 2012

51 Days Remaining - Friday Morning Swim After Late Night

I got home late from a retirement for a teacher in our building last night. It was a good time hanging around with everyone one more time before the summer begins and we just don't connect as much.

The downside to this is that 4:30 am came very early this morning. I had to swim early as Amanda is still teaching today. I really thought about skipping, but my body automatically wakes up early anymore so I was up whether I wanted to or not.

The plan for today was 3000 yards with a 30 minute continuous swim mixed in.

100 free
100 pull
100 kick

30 Minute Swim - This went rather well. I swam nice and calm. I grew a little tired in the shoulders around lap 50, but everything else felt great. I ended up with 66 lengths or 1650 yards. Almost a mile. The great thing about this was that it felt easy. It makes we want to do another T-30 test to see where I am at in terms of making improvements in my swimming. I know back in January my T-30 test was 64 lengths are today I swam a little farther, but it felt nice, easy, and relaxing.

After the big set of swimming I still had some more swimming to do. My paddles finally came in. I never use paddles, but the plan calls for the use of paddles quite a bit these next two months. I mixed in the paddles working on my stroke doing the following sets

200 paddles
200 pull
300 paddles
200 pull
150 kick
50 free

Total Yardage 3150

A big day of swimming. My shoulders were dead tired by the end. Off to relax and hopefully sleep when Ava takes a morning nap. Hanging out with the kids today while Amanda is at work. I hope to get a bike ride in this afternoon when Ava lays down(if she lays down).

Don't forget we will be running bright and early tomorrow morning at 4:30 am meeting up at Crow Creek. We will meet up back at Crow Creek at 6 am for another loop. Hope to see some of you there.
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