Friday, May 25, 2012

52 Days Remaining - Thursday Running - 6B46 and Afternoon Track Workout

Thursday morning came quickly after getting to bed a little after 10 from the bike ride. My legs were tired. They have been tired all week, but they were more tired than usual with the bike ride from the night before.

I met up with the 6B46 group. You could tell we were mostly teachers because we were all a little slower than usual.

My plans called for 9 miles with some track workout prior to running. My original plan was to wake up at 4 am, run on the track and then run with the group.

That did not happen. I was too tired.

So, I did the 6B46 and I am glad I did not do more because these six miles were enough of a challenge. My legs just did not want to get going.

I ran the first two miles with Ben and it sure felt like we were running much faster. We lost the other runners as some cut the run short and others were just not feeling the greatest. I reconnected with Jane and Chad at Hy-Vee to finish up the run with some good conversation and running peeps. My legs did start to come back to feeling normal towards the end, but I can tell that I need some rest and the summer to get here. The lingering effects of the race and the last week of school leads to one tough week.

After wrapping up another school year, I came home and pondered whether to sleep the afternoon away before the kids got home or look at bikes and do a track workout. I decided to try out some tri bikes.

I really fell in love with the Cervelo P1. I wish I could afford a P2, but the P1 is barely affordable with our budget and expenses. It was a night and day difference riding on this bike compared to Boris. I realized right away how much harder I have to work to move Boris compared to this bike. This was amidst some crazy winds.

After riding the bike, I head to the high school for a track workout. I was joined by Tritt

Here is what I did

1 mile warmup

4 x 100 with 100 jog @ target pace of 19-20 seconds. We were right on at :18, :19, :20, :20
400 recovery jog
4 x 200 with 100 jog @ target pace of 39-42 seconds. We were dead on again at :40, :40, :40, :42
400 recovery jog
4 x 400 with 100 jog @ target pace of 1:22 - 1:34. We ran real well despite my legs feeling very tired. 1:24, 1:24, 1:24, 1:25

Tritt stuck around and did some 800's, but I did not push beyond what my plan called for. I felt good for getting this done despite the sun and the strong wind. The one turn was brutal! This is the first time I have ran two times in one day. It was nice to break things up. My left foot hurt after the run and my legs were dead.

This was another big day of training. I am slowly adjusting to my new plans for the Half Ironman. Back to the pool tomorrow and hopefully a bike ride later in the day.
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