Wednesday, May 23, 2012

53 Days Remaining - Late Night Run and Early Morning Swim

Late last night I found some energy somewhere and headed out for a run. My training plan is being modified slightly this week as I am recovering from my race, yet I feel stressed with my 70.3 Ironman being less than 8 weeks away.

My plan called for a 9 mile run with 3 x 2 miles @ half marathon pace with 400 recovery.

I started off the run and decided to just gauge how my legs felt to decide what I would do. My legs felt tired the first few miles. After the first mile I decided to just run 6 miles as 9 would be too much. Because I was running only 6 miles I decided to plan on making sure my average mile pace for the 6 miles was at my half marathon pace. Ideally, I would like to run about 7:30 - 7:40 mile pace for the half after getting off the bike for my 70.3 Ironman.

Around mile 4 my stomach started to gurgle. As my legs were feeling tired I was able to distract my leg fatigue with my focus on getting home. I ran really well the last two miles. I actually felt really good in my legs. I did fear that I was going to pull a Jeff, but just not have the water to hide in! I picked up the pace quite a bit the last mile to make it home in time. I ran the last mile at a 7:14 pace. I don't have the mile breakdown because my Garmin software on my computer is currently not working nor is my watch. I know I ran the 6 miles in 45 minutes and some odd seconds.

This morning I headed to the pool to swim. The plan was pretty simple today. Swim 2400 yards with 3 x 500 with 60 second rest at 2000 yard pace.

I swam 200 free warm-up in 3:36
100 kick with board - 2:05
200 pull - 3:22

Set 1: 500 in 8:43
Set 2: 500 in 8:22
Set 3: 500 in 8:19

50 kick where I cramped big time in my right leg behind my knee. It hurt something fierce. I was not able to do drill work and decided to just pull buoy it to reach my total yardage

350 pull 6:00

It was a good workout. I need to keep drinking water. I have been consuming water like crazy, but have been cramping like crazy yesterday and today.

I hope to get on the bike tonight and then running again tomorrow morning.
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