Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't Forget The Most Important Element In Your Triathlon Training Is......

As I am working through my training for my first half marathon that looms just 7.5 weeks away I have begun to worry about this and that. I realize that I am far more powerful and in better shape than what I give myself credit for. The key that I learned from my first triathlon last weekend was the power of the brain. I freaked in the water at the beginning of the race, but calmed down and swam well. On the bike I started strong and almost mentally lost my toughness, but regained it to stay on track to ride a great time for myself. The run followed the same situation.

Read an article today about  Chrissie Wellington and her thoughts on mental toughness she says the following:

The message is this: All the physical strength in the world won’t help you if your mind is not prepared. This is part of training for a race — the part that people don’t put in their logbooks, the part that all the monitors, gizmos and gadgets in the world can’t influence. (Source)

So true. I read this and it helped put me back in the right mental state of mind to keep plunging forward, pushing and testing my body to new limits to see what I am capable of. In the end I need to live up to my mantra of GETTING IT DONE! and the only thing that can measure my mental toughness is my heart! I won't let myself down.
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