Friday, May 18, 2012

58 Days Remaining - Boris is Back, Two Trainer Rides, and it is almost race time!

I was finally able to pick up my bike yesterday from Healthy Habits. New chain, new tape on the bars, and a tune up to get Boris back in race condition(at least as good as Boris is able to be!). I was told there is a lot of corrosion up front on my bike which is still causing some issues.

I jumped on the trainer last night to knock out my first bike workout of the week. It felt good to be back in the saddle getting my legs under me. I know going into this race Sunday that my bike is the most important element to a good race time. The bike is my weakest link. I need to find that level of riding where I am pushing my legs, but not so much where I cannot put in a good run. Of the three disciplines the run is my strength. I need to get off the bike feeling ready to push on the run. I am hoping to catch some people on the 10K run, but it will come down to having a good bike ride. Being a whole new world for me I can only hope for the best and learn from my first tri experience.

Last night I rode 13 miles

Things went well. My gears are still ghost shifting when I am on the big chain ring up front and past the middle gear on the back. This could prove interesting because that is where I like to ride. Perhaps riding outside I won't need that gear section and be just fine. All in all, it is a reminder that I need a new bike!!

This morning I thought about swimming, but decided to stick with the plan and just get my final ride in. I was scheduled for an aerobic 10 mile ride. I put on Netflix on my Mac and took off.

I feel better now that I have ridden. I am not a fan of the taper week. I feel like I am losing fitness and focus, but I know what come tomorrow it will all come together when we take off to Bluff Creek.

I found out I will be swimming in the 5th wave with about 80 people. For some reason I had this visual of only about 20-30 people to a wave. This made me nervous with so many people. Seeing my bib number and wave number online yesterday made it real and the nerves did kick in. Tonight I hope to patch up some nicks on my wetsuit and begin the packing process.

As always, the Maurer household is back to craziness. Ava broke out in a massive fever last night. It came out nowhere. You know Ava is not feeling well when she just laid on my lap and let me rub her back. She never sits still. Her fever was up to almost 102. Poor thing just cannot get back to normal. Thank goodness her grandma can to town and watch her as Amanda and I have missed so much school the last few weeks. I hope she is feeling better before I leave!!!!

Have a great Friday!
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