Thursday, May 17, 2012

59 Days - Taper Week - 6B46-2, eating overload, and race preparations

Had a great run today. Only went four miles. I had to control myself. I was ready to run all 6, but I knew better. Maybe I should have to burn off all the calories I have been consuming lately. I cannot stop eating. I feel like a bottomless pit with no self control. It is not good. The race needs to hurry up and get here.

I pushed a little bit today the last mile and a half. I wanted to remind my legs what it is like to run at a 7:00 mile pace as this is my goal time to run coming off the bike. Everything is dependent upon feel so I am not going to get worked up about mile splits while running. After the half marathon run last weekend I believe that a 7:00 mile split is realistic and attainable. I won't lie, my legs were tired after this run today. My hamstrings felt incredibly tight after the run.

On the flipside, the Trislide worked wonders on my foot today. I gave it a little test this morning and boy I had no issues with my shoes and no socks. I hate feet and it was quite gross spraying some lube up on my foot, but it worked great.

My goal today is to eat a little better than yesterday.....well, the last 4 days to get ready for race day.

Nerves have not hit yet. I have done visualization of my swim and transitions about a million times. If only it goes as smooth as in my mind!!! I heard there is a chance of rain. Great.

I pray my bike is ready today. I have not rode once yet this week with my bike in the shop. I need to ride. Seriously, I need to ride.

Until the next episode....
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