Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pictures from my crazy week so far

Here a few pics of my last few days. I just could not pass up the opportunity to share these!

First is a picture of my latest tri product. It makes me feel like I have a personal problem. However, I really struggle getting my wetsuit off my ankles and wrists. This will hopefully help. I also plan on using this on the back of my neck as my wetsuit destroyed my neck this past weekend. Last, it will be used in my shoes while running as I have a few spots that have just rubbed my feet raw. No socks and not enough build up of toughness yet. I sure hope this solves all these issues.

Yes, this is me in my interview gear. I don't know the last time I wore a shirt and tie. It was a great reminder of why I love my summers where I can wear nerdy t-shirts and shorts with Sanuks.


This was already shared online, but Ava woke up this morning with Rock Star Status hair. Love this girl. She is loud and in charge. She took her first step last night and I do believe we will have our hands full with this one! The hair is a perfect representation of her personality. Watch out world!

Ava wakes up as a Rock Star

Next up is Addy. Hard to believe that she will be done with preschool. She looks like she could be in 1st grade, but 5 years sure have flown by with her. She is our sweetheart. She genuinely cares about people and will do anything to help someone feel better.  I look forward to watching her love school next year in kindergarten. She is also one to speak her mind so I can only imagine the stories that will develop next year.


I better not leave my big boy out of this post so here is a photo of him with his latest Lego build. It is a big old snake. He is wrapping up 1st grade this year. We are still working on finding what his interests are besides bugs and Legos, but this kid is an awesome brother and son. His mind is constantly at work thinking of new ideas and questions. We have plans for some nerdy projects this summer. It shall be interesting. Seems like yesterday we were at his preschool graduation.


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