Wednesday, May 16, 2012

60 Days - Taper Week, Easy Swim, Back At Peace In My Mind, Ready to Race

Woke up this morning feeling such a wave of relief mentally. I made it to the pool and it felt so good to just swim. Swimming for the sake of swimming. No watch, no T-Pace times to hit. I tried to mimic a race start the best I could by just jumping in and starting. My plan called for 800 yards of swimming. I decided to just swim in outright right away. In a race I won't time for a warm up so I need to practice this mindset. I took off and it felt great.

My body is recovering from the race. My quads are feeling much better. They are almost pain free. My right calf is slowly getting back to normal. I headed to Kaminski yesterday and Dr. Walden got my body back on track. He said things looked good, but I had him work on my shoulders. Wowsers! That was painful, but amazing at how great it feels afterwards. He also nailed my calf without me even telling him. That was impressive. I felt great this morning.

I did continue to swim another 100 with fins, 100 with pull, and 100 straight all working on sighting throughout. I worked on trying to sight from both sides. It is slowly improving. I swam a total of 1100 yards.

I hope my bike is ready today. I would like to get a ride in tomorrow and Friday. One more run tomorrow and that will be a wrap until race day.

This taper has been nice. My biggest downfall is still my eating. I want to eat all the time. I did not do so good again after school. Food is so powerful!

Today my mind is clear. I had put in for a new job in the district. I had my final interview yesterday. I felt it went pretty good considering my lack of administrative experience. I knew that my answers were not the best answers, but I felt good about how I performed. I found out last night I did not get the job. I am okay with this. I was not stressed about the job or the interview, but it was one more thing on my plate that I was thinking about and dealing with among all the other issues to the end of the school year like letting students know whether they made ELP or not(worse part of this job!).

I am sure who they hired interviewed very well and will do great things. Had I been presented the job I still had some questions about things, but at the same time being the competitive type that I am I cannot help but feel frustrated with myself for not performing better. Not being offered the job means someone did better. This experience has been a positive one for me in terms of providing me the fuel to continue to make myself better.

Last night I had a student drop off a thank you card for Lego Robotics. Talking with him and his mother briefly was a great reminder why I teach. I love teaching. I love being in the classroom. I love developing relationships with families that are hopefully positive that can help develop the next generation of students. It is the small things that make the difference!

On the flip side, I am glad the job process is over. Things are wrapping up and it is nice to slowly have the checklist begin to dwindle down so I can focus on my training and finalizing things to end the year right.

Perhaps with this whole job situation over my eating will return back to normal? I can only hope.

Great swim, great mindset to start my Wednesday. I have taken a personal day today to celebrate with Addy today. Addy graduates from preschool. Hard to believe that she will be on her way to kindergarten next year. Where has the time gone?

And Ava took a step last night. God help us when she starts walking!!!
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