Wednesday, June 20, 2012

26 Days Remaining Pt. 2 - Sweaty Mess on Bike Ride on Trainer

IMG_3279Tuesday after my run of feeling like I had dead legs I had to get in another bike ride. To be honest I knew the schedule only allowed me to ride on the trainer and I was not too motivated to ride on the trainer. I thought I had a nice chunk of time to ride in the mid morning to knock out the 36 mile training session, but after realizing my sensor needed to be replaced and then I could not get it to work I ended up wasting some quality time.

I ended only having one hour to ride which was a bummer because I really got into a nice groove and was hammering the bike and feeling good. I rode in my garage and just made a sweaty mess.

You can see in that one hour I had a great ride. I had to jump off to tend to Ava and I was surprised how fresh my legs felt. I had to take care of lunch and then head off to robotics. After eating dinner, some Hy-Vee Chinese, and putting Ava to sleep I was able to get back on the bike to finish up my 36 miles by putting in 11 more miles. Thanks to John O for his tweet to help get me back on the bike.

I rode easier for this ride knowing I would be up early riding again so I needed to keep them somewhat fresh. I got it done, but it was not easy.

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