Thursday, June 7, 2012

38 Days Remaining - 6B46 Run and then a BRICK Workout

Another big day of training this morning. I had choice but to suck it up and GET IT DONE! this morning as Amanda leaves tomorrow morning for the weekend for a getaway with her girlfriends. With a  broken bike sensor(broke it on my last ride) and three kids working out is not gonna happen. No way, now how and I look forward to some rest.

Woke up this morning and headed out with the amazing CRAZIES this morning. We hit up the same route(yes, next week I am creating a new route). We have had a solid core of runners each morning of Jen, Jay, Ben, Chad, Emily, and myself. Phil joined in this time as well as he wanted to loosen those legs up for TOMROV.

Here is a summary of our run

I was nervous about my hip as it was sore again yesterday. I started out and it felt fine, but it always does when I run slow. When I pick up pace or have to go uphill the pain kicks in. Around mile 2 it started to flare up, but this time it never really got severe. It started to fade away. Either it is getting better or I am just growing used to the feeling kinda like a bad fart where it smells horrible, but after a little bit you cannot smell the aroma of butt anymore. By the end of the run we were moving at a good pace and it felt good. I liked picking it up a little bit.

In the back of my mind I was thinking let us not go any faster as I had plans for more work afterwards. I stretched out at the Y and then headed home.

My plan was to jump on the bike right away after eating some waffles, but I realized by phone was dead so I had to wait because I don't ride without my phone. I decided to lay in bed while it charged and next thing I know I woke up with drool all over my pillow and little Ava talking from the crib about getting out.

After that little power nap I had no motivation to get out riding. I was going to jump on the trainer instead, but then realized I broke my sensor again so that left me no choice but to head out to the country. I tried a new way out to the country roads and it was terrible. I will never venture that way again. However, I did find a new road out in the middle of nowhere that became my favorite road. I will explore this road more on my next long ride, but it was smooth and fast! The ride out my hip and my knee was killing me. Yesterday I adjusted my seat and the height of my seat hoping that would help. I was thinking that would solve all the problems being the bike pro that I am:) I will admit I felt more powerful and pedaling was easier with a raised seat. At the turnaround I consumed some water and headed back and miraculously my hip and knee no longer hurt. Maybe my joints were just thirsty.

I really tried to crank on the bike today when I could. I wanted to mimic race pace as much as possible whatever race pace actually is. I wanted to get off the bike with dead legs to practice running with legs feeling empty. I got home quickly switched to my new racing flats, drank some water and headed out for a two mile run before Amanda left to tutor. I have not ran sub 7:00 in a long time so I wanted to remind my legs how much running at this pace hurts.

My legs felt horrible. I refused to look at my watch except to gauge my mile turn around point. I wanted to run by feel to gain a sense of how to adjust mentally. I am happy with my run. I was not feeling like I was under 7:00 to be honest. This was not easy. I do think I had another mile left in me and I think given race conditions I could have picked up the pace a little bit more the final mile. Not too bad for a workout today. My only nutrition on my bike was water and a can of pop. I was running on empty, but that is a good sign for me that next weekend I might not need anything more than a can of pop on the bike ride. That is what I am going to train and prepare for. GU before the swim, pop on the bike, and hang on for the run.

Time to get some things done around the house. Sorry for the long post.

7:00 am tomorrow morning we will be open water swimming at Lake G. Join us if you want.
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