Tuesday, June 5, 2012

40 Days Remaining - 6B46, Aches, Pains, Swimming, and Feeling Good

Crazy title with some descriptions that don't add up. I was up and at 'em at 5 am this morning to meet up with the CRAZIES. I have contemplated running later in the day during the summer, but I hate to mess up a good thing and since I wake up early anyways I actually look forward to running at this time. Jay, Jen, Emily, Chad, Brian, Ben, and myself headed out on our usual loop. We ran nice and relaxed. I was a little nervous to run since the last time I ran my hip gave me some pain that caused me to miss a workout. I felt good the first three miles, but the hip started to get sore from that point on. Nothing like it was on Saturday, but it was definitely making itself known. We ran good times the back three and it was just a nice run. I need to get this hip pain figured out because it is messing up my running as I not able to hit the miles I need to hit. Today I was to run 11 miles, but I knew that would be stupid to do with my hip hurting during this loop. I called it a day and headed home.

I wanted to get an open water swim in today also. Unfortunately nobody was able to join so I worked on my deck a little bit. After frustration set in with my tools not working like they needed to I decided to head to Lake G for a swim. My only rule was that people had to be out on the lake in order for me to swim. Thank goodness that as I was getting my wetsuit on(first time getting it on all by myself with no zipper help) a group of young ones showed up to float. They looked at me like I was a freak, but I knew I had someone there in case something happened. I headed out on this beautiful day and got some laps in. Along the way I saw a few fisherman as well that were watching me as well.

I was able to drive to the lake, swim, and get home all in 70 minutes. I was rather impressed with my time efficiency on this workout. Amanda was tutoring and the kids were out for the day so I had time, but did not want to waste too much time as I have a lot of deck left to sand.

Here is what I knocked out. I felt great and wanted to keep swimming for another half hour, but did not want to risk something happening. Even though people were there it is not the same as having another swimmer out there with you.

Total Yardage: 2142.73
Total Swim Time: 37:36

I have felt great swimming. I went from being in pain, sore, and aches during the run to feeling fantastic in the water. It is weird how the body just adapts. I am really loving open water swimming. Especially on a day like today with the sun shining through the water and just appreciating the fact that I can do this. It was a good swim.

After the swim I headed home to work on my deck. I am getting closer, but after a few hours my body is back to feeling like crap. My knees, back, and hip are shot. I am walking around like an old man.

I have been eating good so far. I have been focused. I am not counting calories and all that jazz, but working on portion control and avoiding junk. I look forward to seeing how things have progressed with weigh in next week.

Until tomorrow with another big morning of training before Amanda leaves for the day and night.......
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