Monday, June 4, 2012

41 Days Remaining - 60 Mile Bike Ride.......On A Trainer

Yes, you read that title correctly. I rode 60 miles on my bike on a trainer. Let me explain my situation before you think I am stupid(which I still ponder sometimes)

This morning I knew I had to start to ride to get my big ride in before Amanda left with her friends for dinner. Due to the rain I did not head out on the roads due to my lack of coordination on the bike. Around 11:00 it was time to jump on the bike and get going. Ava was sleeping, Aiden was out playing before leaving for Park Board, and Addy was grounded and just chilling. I power washed the deck one more time before sanding later today and decided to ride.

As I started to ride my watch was not reading data correctly. Lately I have noticed my cadence to be way off as it has been around 175. I stopped early on to fix my sensors. I realized I put it on backwards so speed was measuring cadence and vice versa. I switched it around and then lo and behold nothing worked. Finally, I got it dialed in and jumped back on the bike.

I started on the trainer because Amanda was not home. She was out shopping. While I was riding in the garage Addy was just talking my ear off riding her back in circles around me. I loved just riding and talking with her. Amanda got home and I just kept riding because Aiden had Park Board at 12:30 so I told myself I would ride until then and go out on the roads. Well, to make a long story short Amanda was gone longer than I thought and Addy was just hanging out with me the whole. I decided to just remain on the trainer and not pass up the time to hang out her.

I will not lie, this ride felt like it took forever. It was a mental challenge. I have not been on the bike this long ever. This is also the first time I have met the 70.3 Ironman bike distance. I hit mile 56 at 2:32 into the ride. I did have to stop a couple time. I stopped at mile 28 because Ava woke up. I stopped at mile 53 to turn on the sprinkler for Addy.

I am glad I stayed on the trainer. I have two big rides and being on the trainer allowed to just ride for endurance and eliminate any "hard" riding. I found a groove and just road. I moved my bike to the driveway to get used to the sun and sweating.

I consumed a ton of liquid. Two big water bottles of water and I tried drinking Pepsi on the bike as well. I consumed two Pepsi's and it did work well to give me instant energy. I also ate one Bonk Breaker bar and some candy to get me through. I never had the urge to pee, but after the bike I did and I was not dehydrated which is good because I was nervous about being dehydrated.

Well, it is done. I got this one out of the way for the week. What a relief. Now it is off to sanding my deck once again. Even more fun!

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