Monday, June 4, 2012

41 Day Commitment to Myself Begins Now!

I know have posted about eating healthy at least 200 times on this blog. At least 198 times I always post about a day or two later about falling off the bandwagon and eating like a slob.

Today is the day of change. Today I am back on track. I have flipped the switch. The same switch that flipped when I decided to jump into triathlons. The same switch that got me going to run a marathon last fall.

This switch has been flipped to eat better. I ate horribly the last two days. It was great I am not going to lie, but this morning when I could barely get my swim gear on I knew it was time. I am not fat, but I am not where I want to be for training and race day.

So, I have taken pictures this morning of myself. I am making it real. I will snap photos again in 20 days and once more before race day.

My goal is to eat clean and not continue to stuff myself with all this garbage and food/drink that don't help my training. Pretty obvious that my poor eating so far this summer has occurred the same time that I am starting to feel tired/worn down and injured. I believe they all go hand in hand.

The photos are taken

The weight has been measured

Most of the garbage food has been eliminated from the house due to my eating binge this weekend.

Amanda is on page to help me stay the course

I look forward to seeing how this changes how my body feels and how I feel during my training

I have flipped the switch and it is time to GET IT DONE when it comes to eating clean

Here we go..............

This time it is for real.
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