Friday, August 17, 2012

Pigman Taper - Final Friday Ride

This is it. My final workout unless I do some easy jogging tomorrow night. I had 45 minutes on the bike tonight. I won't lie, this felt like the longest ride in the history of riding. I had to jump on the trainer. This ride felt like it lasted for days.

I did get it done. Tomorrow I will pack and prepare for the race and head out. I hope the fire builds up inside. I feel way too calm for this race. I also hope that this weather stays cool so we can use our wetsuit and I don't overheat on the run.

I am super excited for the crew out at Leadville this weekend. The pictures are amazing and makes me want to run in the mountains(just not 100 miles). I look forward to following them online. These guys are nothing short of inspirational.

Best of luck to everyone running the Ouch Half Marathon tomorrow. Should be great conditions. Tear it up.

Look forward to writing up a nice race report in a few days.

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